Established in 2009, we have delivered enterprise-level managed and unmanaged hosting, leased line, network, and business broadband services to companies all over the world.

In an increasingly digital world, we help businesses to reach their potential by providing an innovative service to clients to ensure they can continually innovate by keeping productivity and efficiency up.

Customer-centric approach

We believe in getting the basics right from the ground. Our customer-first approach is at the heart of everything we do. And we strive to operate a fully-transparent service that underpins our stellar offering. Based completely in the UK, our aim is to bring the customer closer to the host. And we believe that operating out of the UK is the best way to do this. All our data centres are located on the UK mainland, meaning should you need assistance, we’re just a short phone call or a few clicks away.

Supporting open source

All our services support and use open source technologies, while also supporting the open source community by providing free hardware and bandwidth to mirror many well-known open source projects. This ensures, that in this ‘always on’ society, we can bring support to our customers at all times – wherever they are in the world.

Focussed connectivity

Our first-class connectivity is dedicated, secure, and ultimately saleable. We offer the best advice to customers to ensure they make the right choices or them and guarantee their performance going forward with hosting and network connections that are focused and work for them.

Collaborations with industry partners

We believe the best work comes from sharing information. As such, we work with some of the most well-respected companies in the world to pass on knowledge, savings, and of course, ensure we offer the most relevant service out there. We truly believe that by collaborating with companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Cogent, LINX and NTT we are able to offer a comprehensive service which pitches us above others.