As communications networks become increasingly elaborate, the technology and IT expertise to run them becomes progressively more costly. Exascale’s network operations centre gives you increased reliability and improved performance in your hosting.

  • Our hands-on personal approach to network operations is the kind of management our customers value.
  • We provide you with a single view of your network, offering performance indicators and timely fault resolution to improve customer satisfaction.
  • We monitor our networks 24/7, 365 to avoid degraded service and get a head start on potential problems.

By adopting an immediate collaborative approach between Exascale and the customer, we ensure a greater understanding of your specific hosting needs and requirements. Exascale strives to meet the demands of each and every customer. The result of our flexible approach to network operations is a centre which can meet the exact requirements of the customer, keeping you ahead of the competition.

  • Exascale’s commitment to the latest technology, combined with vast industry experience gives us an effective means to stay on top of our network.
  • Our network centre is perfect for all of our customers, regardless of size and sector.
  • By combining our experience and expertise, we provide our customers with the service they deserve with the peace of mind we crave.

Our NOC engineers are responsible for monitoring the activity of the network. By scrutinizing our service we can make small changes to improve the experience of the user without compromising our supreme level of hosting. Exascale provides its engineers with the latest technology, allowing them to keep Exascale and our customers ahead of the game.