1Gb Leased Line from Exascale

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If you’re looking for blazing fast and reliable internet connectivity for your business, a 1Gb leased line could be the perfect solution. A leased line provides a dedicated, uncontended internet connection just for your company’s use. With speeds up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps), you’ll have abundant bandwidth to support bandwidth-hungry applications like video conferencing, cloud services, VoIP, and large file transfers.

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a private internet circuit that is leased from a communications provider. It directly connects your office location to the provider’s network center using a dedicated physical cable line. This provides several key advantages over regular business broadband:

  • Uncontended bandwidth – The full bandwidth is guaranteed just for your use, not shared
  • Symmetric speeds – Upload and download speeds are equal
  • Low latency – Data travels over a private line with minimal hops for better real-time performance
  • High reliability – Leased lines have uptime guarantees of 99.95%+
  • Security – It’s a closed private connection not shared with other customers

1Gb Leased Lines from Exascale

Exascale is a leading provider of leased line internet solutions, offering 1Gb dedicated internet access circuits. As an experienced network operator, they can deliver reliable 1Gb connectivity to locations across the United Kingdom.

With an Exascale 1Gb leased line, you’ll get sustained speeds up to 1Gbps with equal upload and download bandwidth. This makes these circuits ideal for transferring huge files, running high-bandwidth applications, operating data centers, and more. The low-latency connectivity provides great performance for real-time use cases like VoIP and video conferencing too.

The leased lines come with stringent SLAs with guarantees like ≥99.95% uptime, ≤25ms jitter, and ≤70ms latency. Exascale’s 24/7 proactive monitoring and robust redundant network design ensure your critical internet connection is always on. Best-in-class security and QoS controls are also included.

If a 1Gb dedicated internet connection would help take your business connectivity to the next level, reach out to Exascale today. The Exascale presales team can scope out the right 1Gb leased line solution for your needs and locations.