3 Pieces of Tech That Could Make The Workplace More Productive

When it comes to business success, there’s a large reliance on productivity and the quick completion of tasks. Though experience and skill are paramount, without a productive working environment very little gets done and this is detrimental to the business’ overall success. The more productive a workplace is the more work that will be done on a day to day basis.

For many years there have been studies, research and articles on the best practices for achieving the most productive working environment. Though some of these do work, many businesses still struggle to create the ideal productive workplace. So, what’s the answer?

Tech To Increase Workplace Productivity

With the increased evolution of technology, there are now a number of impressive gadgets and apps that are designed to help a business boost productivity.

Jackery Titan S Portable Battery Charger

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One of the biggest hindrances of workplace productivity is a low battery, especially if you are someone who works from a variety of locations or travels a lot for work. Power banks and portable battery chargers have been around for many years and charging a smartphone or tablet on the go has never been easier, but what about laptops? The Jackery Titan S Portable Battery Charger charges a number of electronic devices, but most impressively it’s able to charge an Apple MacBook. This means you are able to work from wherever, without the worry of needing to find a power source.



gotomeeting features scheduling

Having a collection of modern technologies is a great way to ensure you’re being as productive as possible at work, even if you work from home or you’re just setting up a new business. The GoToMeeting pack contains everything a business needs to create a productive, flexible and useful working environment such as a wireless keyboard, webcam, conference phone and PC. The GoToMeeting is so flexible in fact that it can be packed up within minutes; perfect if you’re moving from conference room to conference room and want to miss minimal work time.


Portable Hotspots

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Though most businesses have a dedicated internet connection – whether that be through business broadband or a leased line – there are times where connections fail or you’ll find yourself working remotely without a WiFi connection; this is where portable hotspots come in. There are a number of portable hotspots available, most of which provide a strong 4G signal from anywhere. Simply connect a laptop or tablet to the portable device and use the internet as you would back at the office.




The top way to ensure your workplace is as productive as it can be, is to invest in a reliable internet connection. Contact Exascale today to find out more.