4 Reasons To Choose A Leased Line

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If you’re a new business or you’re simply looking to improve your business internet, you may have come across the option of a leased line. A leased line is an internet connection between two locations – usually a service provider and a business – on a lease basis. Simply, you’re leasing a private line rather than sharing an internet connection with a number of other users.

The Benefits of Leased Lines

Leased lines are becoming more and more popular among businesses as they offer a number of benefits that aren’t available through other methods of connecting to the internet. At Exascale we specialise in leased lines, so we know a thing or two about why they are often the best choice. Some of the most impressive benefits include:

Leased Lines Offer Higher Speed Internet Connections

As a business it is important that you’re able to use the internet quickly and efficiently, without needing to worry about how long it’s going to take a page to load or how long it will take to download an important document. Leased lines are able to provide internet speeds much quicker than other alternatives. For example, at Exascale we offer download and upload speeds from 10Mbit/s through to 10Gbit/s.

Leased Lines Don’t Slow Down at Peak Times

Often you’ll find that the internet speed drops when a lot of other people are using their connections at the same time, this isn’t the case with a leased line. As a leased line is a completely private internet connection, it’s only your business that’s using it at any time. So, peak time or non-peak time you’re guaranteed the same great speed.

Leased Lines Are Extremely Reliable

Everyone has struggled with a failing internet connection or broadband that just isn’t up to scratch; this type of downtime can be costly for a business, not to mention extremely annoying and inconvenient. Leased lines are resilient and always on, meaning there’s never a time where your business cannot use the internet in the way it needs to.

Leased Lines Come With Professional Support and Management

As leased lines are managed by a leased line provider, any issue or problem is taken care of quickly by professionals; there’s no need for you to do anything. At Exascale we offer backup options and customer support to ensure you’re able to connect whenever you need to.

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