BT Openreach legal separation agreed

BT Openreach Van

Ofcom has announced the legal separation of Openreach, concluding work started in the 2015 Digital Communications Review. The changes to Openreach’s purpose, strategy and governance are outlined in the accompanying press release and include:

  • The Openreach Board will run the company.
  • Openreach’s Chief Executive will in future be appointed by, and accountable to, the Openreach Board.
  • Openreach will have control of assets – such as the physical access network – required to deliver on its purpose.
  • Openreach will be obliged to consult formally with customers on large-scale investments.

Openreach will become a distinct company, incorporated as a legally separate company within BT Group, with its own ‘Articles of Association’.

Openreach – and its directors – will be legally required to make decisions in the interests of all Openreach’s customers, and to promote the success of the company.

Further information can be found here