How Can A Leased Line Help My Business?

Ethernet Leased Line

There’s nothing more exasperating than slow internet or internet outages – especially for businesses. Although many think this is a thing of the past, if research is anything to go by, businesses all over the world are facing these issues on a daily basis. But luckily for these companies, there is a solution – leased lines.

What are leased lines?

Leased lines have become the go-to for businesses all over the country looking for a reliable internet connection. A dedicated, symmetric data connection with a fixed bandwidth, it provides unique access for a business at consistent speeds for both upload and download. Leased lines are private circuits that run between two points; one end is the business, and the other is the network provider’s nearest point-of-presence (PoP). Usually used by companies who want to get a business-grade internet connection, they can also be used to connect their head office to branch offices.

What are the benefits of a leased line for my business?

Faster speeds

Unlike consumer broadband internet, leased lines have a contention ration of 1:1. Essentially meaning that the line is yours and yours alone, you don’t need to worry about it slowing down at peak times. Add this to the fact that leased line speeds are also much higher than traditional broadband, business can choose how fast they want their service to be. Covering both upload and download, fast internet is vital for a business to undertake internet browsing, conducting video conferences, file sharing, networks, and VoIP systems.

Remote working

The rise in technology has resulted in many employees working from home, whether it be as an occasional treat or a permanent fixture, business and employees alike have benefitted. Leased lines make this infinitely simpler by allowing employees to connect to office computers from home. Enabling them to access files wherever they are in the world, this very modern way of working has helped business establish themselves as forward thinking, and actually improve staff morale.

More reliable

With so many businesses complaining about a lack of reliability when it comes to their internet, there’s no wonder companies are looking into leased lines. Much more reliable than traditional broadband, these lines use fibre-optic cables. Not prone to electrical interference, they come with higher-grade hardware, which is inherently more reliable than traditional broadband hardware.

As a business, internet uptime is fatefully important. Losing a connection – even for just a few minutes – can result in significant issues. Whether it be revenue loss or disgruntled customers, it’s important to think of your internet as an extension of your workforce.

Increased security

Leased lines are universally known to offer increased security over broadband alternatives, as the information shared isn’t on a public network. Completely controlled by your company, leased lines mean your data is much safer.

We don’t need to tell you how important security is to a business. And although you won’t be completely immune to hacks, you’ll certainly have more security in place.

If you’re thinking of investing in leased lines, request a leased line quote today!