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Exascale is now open for business in Edinburgh, Scotland

Due to Exascale’s recent expansion into Pulsant South Gyle, we’re now accepting IP Transit and L2TP Interconnect orders within this facility. Further to this Exascale now terminate all Ethernet leased lines which originate in Scotland within this facility.

Exascale’s network is now on-net in four data centres in the U.K., connecting to five major internet exchanges and three Tier 1 providers in diverse locations. Exascale’s network has been built to route traffic regionally, reducing end user latency. To this we’re very proud to maintain over 32% of the global routing table in low latency peering.

About Exascale

Established in 2009 Exascale is a U.K. business Internet Service Provider (ISP) with points of presence in London, Cheltenham, Manchester and most recently Edinburgh. Exascale provides Broadband, Fibre Broadband, L2TP Handoff, MPLS IP, Leased Lines, Managed Cloud Services and Dedicated Servers.
Exascale provides services to the Logistics, Education, Software, IT and Consultancy industries.

Press Release – Exascale is to extend it’s IP network to Edinburgh

Exascale has successfully obtained a grant from the Scottish Government to assist in the improvement of the Internet infrastructure in Scotland. Exascale will build a Point of Presence (PoP) in Pulsant’s South Gyle Data Centre to complement Exascale’s existing Points of Presence in London, Cheltenham and Manchester.

Exascale will be interconnecting with LINX Scotland at Pulsant’s South Gyle Data Centre, where Exascale’s network will also be connected via Diverse Fibre to their Manchester Point of Presence.

Exascale believe interconnecting in Scotland will localise traffic originating in Scotland (via Ethernet or Broadband) and also route traffic from Exascale’s other network Points of Presence destine for Scotland via LINX Scotland. This will ensure all traffic is kept within Exascale’s network lowering latency for end users in Scotland, and for users connected to Exascale’s network in the rest of the U.K.

What’s more Exascale’s growing portfolio of Anycast DNS and CDN services will also be deployed within Pulsant’s South Gyle Data Centre to localise traffic in Scotland, further lowering latency for users and businesses alike.

Exascale will offer its entire product portfolio from Pulsant’s South Gyle Data Centre: IP Transit, MPLS IP, L2TP Handoff, Ethernet and Pseudowires to any of our on-net locations.

About Exascale

Established in 2009 Exascale is a U.K. business Internet Service Provider (ISP) with points of presence in London, Cheltenham, Manchester and most recently Edinburgh. Exascale provides Broadband, Fibre Broadband, L2TP Handoff, MPLS IP, Leased Lines, Managed Cloud Services and Dedicated Servers.

Exascale provides services to the Logistics, Education, Software, IT and Consultancy industries.

Press Release: Exascale Launches National ADSL and FTTC Access

Exascale, a leading provider of telephony solutions for businesses, has announced it’s expanding its current asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) access nationally, supporting more business ambitions. The company already provides firms across the UK with reliable, effective communication services and the latest development is set to further enhance its offering.

Both the ADSL and FTTC development will help Exascale customers to improve the speed of their communications and ability to access online content. With online presence becoming vital for businesses up and down the country, businesses that embrace technology to enhance their digital use can really benefit from increased interest and improved customer service. The growth of Exascale delivering its dependable solutions represents the firm’s growing ambitions and its commitment to delivering efficient, practical services for businesses across the whole of the UK.

Thomas Bibb, Technical Director of Exascale, said, “We’re thrilled to be launching ADSL and FTTC access nationally, we know that they’re services that can really support the businesses that we work with and future customers. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance what we currently offer businesses and this is just the next step in our overall goal. As digital connection becomes vital to the operations of even the smallest business, solutions that are flexible and reliable are going to become vital.”

Exascale specialises in delivering bespoke solutions direct to UK businesses. With the ability to rent or buy scalable services, the brand helps businesses meet their communication needs as they grow. Exascale’s way of working means that each customer can pick and choose the exact service that they require, allowing them to create a completely tailored solution that matches current requirements and can be adapted at convenient points. With services ranging from call forwarding to dedicated servers, Exascale is expertly able to build packages and deliver exceptional customer service to each client it works with.

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Press Release: Exascale Joins Manchester Internet Exchange

Provider of superfast, reliable leased lines Exascale has joined the Manchester Internet Exchange, giving its regional clients a faster, more dependable internet connection. The partnership and connected points created are delivering better connectivity for businesses in the area at a time when a strong online presence is more important than ever for ambitious businesses.

The Manchester Internet Exchange has over 70 member connected points and aims to offer improved connectivity and lower cost entry for SMEs. By joining the partnership Exascale is supporting its wider goal of providing scalable business solutions for growing businesses. The network provided through the Manchester Internet Exchange helps support the growing local economy by delivering business critical resources. IX Manchester was established in 2012 and has grown to become the UK’s largest internet exchange point outside of the capital, covering four data centres in the city.

Thomas Bibb, Technical Director of Exascale, said, “Joining the Manchester Internet Exchange is a significant step for Exascale. It’s going to give us even more opportunities to work with fast growing businesses in the local area and demonstrates the reliability of the services that we deliver. We’re looking forward to further growing our presence in Manchester and supporting SMEs with their telephony and internet access needs.”

Exascale is perfectly suited to start-ups and SMEs thanks to its adaptable approach to providing solutions that really meet the demands of growing businesses. Operating on an a la carte style menu of options, every customer is able to build their own package across telephony, networks, infrastructure, and applications services. With the ability to effortlessly add other elements when they’re needed, Exascale allows SMEs to develop their solution to reflect their current demand.

The brand has built up a stellar reputation for delivering super-fast, reliable leased lines and other services, supporting business ambitions in the digital age.


Investing In Infrastructure Is Imperative For SMEs

Small and medium sized businesses thinking about giving investment in infrastructure a miss this year are being urged to reconsider by web hosting leaders, Exascale. In a technology driven age, having fast, reliable infrastructure is more important than ever before. The initial cost of investment is far outweighed by the benefits that dependable servers, super-fast leased lines, and hosting service can bring, say the business connectivity experts.

At a time when many SMEs are reviewing their budgets for the new financial year, it’s vital that they don’t underestimate the importance of assessing current infrastructure. Dedicated secure servers not only ensure that businesses can operate with confidence and compliance but also contribute to enhancing the customer experience. With improved infrastructure in place, SMEs can focus on advancing the areas that matter.

Thomas Bibb, Managing Director of Exascale, said “It’s easy for SMEs to underestimate the importance of infrastructure and neglect to update it. But doing so can have serious and potentially very expensive repercussions. Implementing modern and highly personalised solutions improves connectivity and can set SMEs up for success. Whether an SME is looking to reach new international customers or build better relationships with their local base, infrastructure plays an essential role in achieving these targets.”

SMEs make up 99% of businesses in the UK and contribute around half of private sector turnover. Through developing SME infrastructure, Exascale supports that growth and safeguards its continuing contribution to the wider economy. The UK-based hosting services provider aims to bring the customer closer to the host with a focus on delivering exceptional service. With a range of enterprise levels solutions and a vast array of well positioned connectivity, cloud and UK hosted services, all backed by years of knowledge and experience, Exascale is leading the way when it comes to supporting SME infrastructure investment.

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