Does my business need a Static IP address?

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Why you really should choose a static IP address for your business?

Internet protocol or IP addresses can be dynamic or static. Most people have a dynamic IP address which changes every time you switch on your pc. In contrast, a static IP address is one which is assigned to your device and is unique to you. If you choose a static IP address from your broadband provider, just like a static home address, it will not change and the internet consistently knows instantly where to route your data. A Ethernet leased line with a static IP address has lower latency or lag time and means that your network is much faster at receiving and sending data.

Just how can your business benefit from having a static IP address?

Having a dynamic IP address leads to a certain amount of downtime and delay which makes your connection less stable because it refreshes each time you turn on your pc or router.  A static IP address which doesn’t need to refresh itself constantly is much more stable and has no downtime. Choosing a fibre broadband or leased line option is one way to get a static IP address to enhance your business and improve the speed of your networks services as well as their quality.

Improve your VoIP calls

VOIP or voice over internet services have become a vital communication tool for businesses and sites which work remotely. Many businesses now rely on VOIP to communicate with colleagues and other business partners or customers. Using a static IP address will make skype and other VOIP services much more reliable and the call quality will also be greatly improved. Reliable high quality VOIP services save your business money and enhance your reputation as someone your customers can do business with easily.

Improve security at your business

Securing your business is one of the most important things you can do and using remote CCTV which you can check online regardless of how far away from your business you are is going to make your business super secure. Having a Static IP address is essential if you want to make the most of CCTV.

Get direct emails

Having a static IP address also enables you to set up an email server giving you better control over your email addresses which really is a must for any professional business.

Host your own server

Hosting your own server requires a static IP address. This gives you the ability to have your own domain name, reliably operate services such as File Transfer Protocol which allows efficient and fast file transfer. Without a static IP address none of this is possible.

The ability to host your own website

If you do not have a static IP address, you will have to rely on a third party to host your website for you which means you have no control over downtime. Having a static IP address means you are in total control of your website and your email addresses server and can create as many email addresses for your business as you require. So if you hire new employees or create a new function within your business, it means that you can create the relevant email addresses.

Remote access

If you or your colleagues work remotely off site and require access to your server and network, having a static IP address via a leased line is the only way to go. It means you can tweak your protocols and settings, use software remotely and also upload and download documents remotely. Having a static IP allows you to remotely access all your systems on the go. So, if you want a reliable static IP address choosing a leased line or fibre broadband option from Exascale is one of the best decisions you will make to boost your business.