Exascale upgrade to Genexis FibreTwist ONTs

Alongside its existing OLT vendor (Nokia), Exascale today have started working with Genexis a residential customer premises equipment manufacturer specialising in xPON and Point-to-Point ONTs and media converters.

Exascale’s Thomas Bibb (CEO) said “We recognise the need for a diverse and vendor agnostic ecosystem, and working with Genexis alongside distribution partner Kenton Group has enabled us to do just this. The Genexis FibreTwist ONT doesn’t only just work with a plethora of OLT vendors but reduces engineer installation times, the need for furniture to cover any holes drilled internally and future truck rolls for replacements or upgrades. Simply twist the old unit off and the new one onto the backplate – We we’re sold the moment we seen it at a recent Connected Britain event”