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Exascale is now open for business in Edinburgh, Scotland

Due to Exascale’s recent expansion into Pulsant South Gyle, we’re now accepting IP Transit and L2TP Interconnect orders within this facility. Further to this Exascale now terminate all Ethernet leased lines which originate in Scotland within this facility.

Exascale’s network is now on-net in four data centres in the U.K., connecting to five major internet exchanges and three Tier 1 providers in diverse locations. Exascale’s network has been built to route traffic regionally, reducing end user latency. To this we’re very proud to maintain over 32% of the global routing table in low latency peering.

About Exascale

Established in 2009 Exascale is a U.K. business Internet Service Provider (ISP) with points of presence in London, Cheltenham, Manchester and most recently Edinburgh. Exascale provides Broadband, Fibre Broadband, L2TP Handoff, MPLS IP, Leased Lines, Managed Cloud Services and Dedicated Servers.
Exascale provides services to the Logistics, Education, Software, IT and Consultancy industries.

How Reliable Business Internet Access Can Boost Your Customer Service

As a business it is important to provide the very best in customer service to your customers. Not only does this show that you take their needs and wants seriously, but it sets you apart from competitors. A business or brand that provides a high level of customer service is much more likely to gain repeat customers than those who provide a service that’s substandard. After all, would you go back to a company who didn’t respond to emails or failed to fix a problem? However, regardless of how you offer customer service, reliable business internet access is required.


Benefits of Reliable Business Internet Access for Customer Service


Respond to Questions and Queries With Ease

Before choosing a business’ services or products, many customers will want to know more. A reliable internet connection allows you to answer all questions and queries with ease, whether that be via social media, email or through the website.

Handle Complaints and Negative Feedback Promptly

At one point or another every business will be faced with a complaint or negative review, it’s hard to avoid. With the increased use of social media and review websites any form of negativity directed towards a business is there for all to see, but if handled correctly this can be a way for you to highlight that you take complaints, negative feedback and your customer’s opinions seriously. With a reliable internet connection, you can do this at any time and all problems can be dealt with immediately.

Always Available to Offer Customer Service

With so many businesses and brands offering a high level of customer service people have become accustomed receiving help and advice whenever they need it, without long delays or wait times. This means that any business that doesn’t offer this level of customer service is likely to stand out for all the wrong reasons. A reliable internet connection ensures you’re always online and available to assist customers and clients whenever they need you.

Reliable business internet access isn’t just about limited down time and a strong connection it also includes internet speed, as slow internet speed can obstruct the way your business operates online. At Exascale we understand that a good internet connection is paramount to your business’ success which is why we focus on speed, limited down time and reliability. Find out more about our business connectivity options by getting in touch on 0330 010 0140 or via the online contact form.

4 Reasons To Choose A Leased Line

If you’re a new business or you’re simply looking to improve your business internet, you may have come across the option of a leased line. A leased line is an internet connection between two locations – usually a service provider and a business – on a lease basis. Simply, you’re leasing a private line rather than sharing an internet connection with a number of other users.

The Benefits of Leased Lines

Leased lines are becoming more and more popular among businesses as they offer a number of benefits that aren’t available through other methods of connecting to the internet. At Exascale we specialise in leased lines, so we know a thing or two about why they are often the best choice. Some of the most impressive benefits include:

Leased Lines Offer Higher Speed Internet Connections

As a business it is important that you’re able to use the internet quickly and efficiently, without needing to worry about how long it’s going to take a page to load or how long it will take to download an important document. Leased lines are able to provide internet speeds much quicker than other alternatives. For example, at Exascale we offer download and upload speeds from 10Mbit/s through to 10Gbit/s.

Leased Lines Don’t Slow Down at Peak Times

Often you’ll find that the internet speed drops when a lot of other people are using their connections at the same time, this isn’t the case with a leased line. As a leased line is a completely private internet connection, it’s only your business that’s using it at any time. So, peak time or non-peak time you’re guaranteed the same great speed.

Leased Lines Are Extremely Reliable

Everyone has struggled with a failing internet connection or broadband that just isn’t up to scratch; this type of downtime can be costly for a business, not to mention extremely annoying and inconvenient. Leased lines are resilient and always on, meaning there’s never a time where your business cannot use the internet in the way it needs to.

Leased Lines Come With Professional Support and Management

As leased lines are managed by a leased line provider, any issue or problem is taken care of quickly by professionals; there’s no need for you to do anything. At Exascale we offer backup options and customer support to ensure you’re able to connect whenever you need to.

To find out more about leased lines and the services we provide, get in touch. Contact Exascale today on 0330 010 0140 or online.

Internet Speed Test

How To Maintain Or Increase Your Internet Speed

Things move fast in the world of business – and if your internet is lagging, you could end up missing out on a big client or an important sale. If your internet isn’t performing as it should be, check out these top tips to increase your speed.

Run a speed test

You can’t measure anything unless you have a definite starting point, so the first step is to run a speed test. There are plenty of sites that offer these tests in seconds – we’d advise carrying out the test on a number of different sites so you can ensure the results are reliable and accurate. Compare the results to the speed your ISP claimed you’d receive.

Restart your router

Another simple tip is to reset your router. This can clean-up old data and revise the configuration from your ISP. Your router might also need to download updates from your ISP, which it’ll do automatically when you reset it.

Could there be interference?

If you’re using a wireless router, certain devices can have an impact on the signal your devices receive. If your router is located close to the office kitchen, where the microwave is located, it could be disrupting any transmissions to or from your router. Mobile phones are also a culprit – consider installing a VoIP solution, so that employees don’t have to rely on mobiles to make work-related calls.

Is someone using too much bandwidth?

Perhaps there’s a computer or device on your network that’s using a lot of bandwidth. It could be from a streaming video or a large file download. Whatever it is, it can impact the speeds for other users on the network.

Make sure your network is protected

Malware, viruses and adware can infect an entire network once they infect one device. Make sure your entire system is protected with comprehensive security tools. You should also schedule scans to run regularly, to ensure that any threats or potentially dangerous files are quarantined and dealt with.

Change internet providers or package

Perhaps it’s time to consider changing your internet provider. Here at Exascale, we offer a range of business broadband packages up to £35.00 per month for our premium offer. This particular packages comes with unlimited usage, up to 80Mbit/s download and up to 20Mbit/s upload speeds – perfect for SMEs that don’t want to miss out because of slow internet.

For more information about Exascale’s business broadband options, browse the site or contact the team today: www.exascale.co.uk


Investing In Infrastructure Is Imperative For SMEs

Small and medium sized businesses thinking about giving investment in infrastructure a miss this year are being urged to reconsider by web hosting leaders, Exascale. In a technology driven age, having fast, reliable infrastructure is more important than ever before. The initial cost of investment is far outweighed by the benefits that dependable servers, super-fast leased lines, and hosting service can bring, say the business connectivity experts.

At a time when many SMEs are reviewing their budgets for the new financial year, it’s vital that they don’t underestimate the importance of assessing current infrastructure. Dedicated secure servers not only ensure that businesses can operate with confidence and compliance but also contribute to enhancing the customer experience. With improved infrastructure in place, SMEs can focus on advancing the areas that matter.

Thomas Bibb, Managing Director of Exascale, said “It’s easy for SMEs to underestimate the importance of infrastructure and neglect to update it. But doing so can have serious and potentially very expensive repercussions. Implementing modern and highly personalised solutions improves connectivity and can set SMEs up for success. Whether an SME is looking to reach new international customers or build better relationships with their local base, infrastructure plays an essential role in achieving these targets.”

SMEs make up 99% of businesses in the UK and contribute around half of private sector turnover. Through developing SME infrastructure, Exascale supports that growth and safeguards its continuing contribution to the wider economy. The UK-based hosting services provider aims to bring the customer closer to the host with a focus on delivering exceptional service. With a range of enterprise levels solutions and a vast array of well positioned connectivity, cloud and UK hosted services, all backed by years of knowledge and experience, Exascale is leading the way when it comes to supporting SME infrastructure investment.

To find out more about visit www.exascale.co.uk