What Is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

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If your business has outgrown a basic broadband connection, it may be time to consider a dedicated internet access (DIA) line. Also known as a leased line, dedicated internet access provides your organisation with uncontended, symmetric bandwidth directly from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Unlike regular broadband, you aren’t sharing your connection with other customers, guaranteeing fast, reliable speeds at all times.

Benefits of a Leased Line from Exascale

Having a dedicated internet access line from a provider like Exascale offers several key advantages:

Symmetric, Uncontended Bandwidth
With equal upload and download speeds, and a line dedicated solely to your business, you get consistently fast connectivity with no slowdowns during peak times.

Low Latency
Leased lines have extremely low latency and delay, which is critical for services like VoIP, video conferencing, cloud backup, etc.

If your bandwidth needs increase, you can easily scale up your leased line service without changing the physical connection.

Robust Service Level Agreements
Exascale’s leased lines come with SLAs guaranteeing high uptime and rapid fault repair – providing the resilience and reliability modern businesses need.

Increased Security
As a private, closed connection, a leased line adds an extra layer of security compared to public broadband.

Why Choose Exascale?

Exascale is a trusted provider of leased line solutions, with an expanding nationwide network and decades of experience delivering dedicated internet access to businesses across the UK. Their leased lines offer:

  • Speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Uncontended, unthrottled bandwidth
  • Symmetric upload/download speeds
  • Low latency (<5ms typical)
  • Fast provisioning and scalability
  • Competitive pricing and SLAs

As remote work, cloud applications, video conferencing and IoT put greater demands on internet connectivity, businesses are turning to Exascale for future-proof leased line solutions. With a track record of reliability and a focus on superior service, they are a trusted partner for all your dedicated internet access needs.

If your UK business requires consistently fast and secure internet connectivity, it may be time to consider an Exascale leased line. Get in touch today to learn more.