Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy outlines how Exascale will collect, store and use your information during your visit to our website or when purchasing services.

Copyright Notice

The contents including but not limited to; Text, Images, Javascript, CSS are regarded as Copyright Exascale Limited 2013.

Trademark Notice

The name ‘Exascale’ and its repspective logo in grey and yellow is a trademark of Exascale Limited. Any use or reproduction of such marks without written consent from Exascale Limited is prohibited.

Fraud Prevention

To combat fraud, Exascale uses various third party services to gauge the risk associated with orders. Every order has an associated risk rating, orders which exceed the considered normal associated risk rating will require additional manual verification. A Photo ID Card, Utility Bill or Bank Statement may be required to prove your identity.

Errors and Omissions Notice

Exascale Limited or any associated third parties may withdraw or change; information, pricing or policies related to services without any prior notice.

Domain Names

All .uk domain names must comply with the Nominet Terms and Conditions