Exascale is a Leading Leased Line Provider, offering 100% SLA backed Business Internet Leased Lines with multiple backup options and for total peace of mind.

Leased Lines provide business internet access and National MPLS from 10Mbit/s, 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s through to 10Gbit/s or any speed in-between. Leased Lines are essential for businesses looking for high-speed, symmetrical, always-on, SLA backed business internet access.

Why choose an Exascale Leased Line?

Exascale deliver the business leased line connection straight into your business premises. This provides your business with a highly performant symmetrical internet connection for critical VoIP, Hosted Applications (Websites or Media), data and business internet access. Exascale leased line circuits are directly connected to our UK national network, either via our many data centres or where possible through a local telephone exchange.

What Leased Line Providers do you use?

Exascale leased lines are delivered by BT Openreach from our network to your business premises and where we don’t have presence in your local area, we compare the very best leased line costs from Exascale, Vodafone, SSE, Sky or TalkTalk to you connect our UK national network.

Can I get a Leased Line?

Even though we’re based in Telford in the Shropshire, we’re a leased line provider to surrounding cities and towns such as Cannock, Walsall, Wednesbury, Sandwell, Dudley, Sutton Coldfield, Telford, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Derby, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bristol through to large metropolitan areas such as London, Edinburgh and Manchester. We’re truly a national Leased Line Provider.

What sectors do Exascale provide quotes for Leased Lines?

We provide Leased Line quotes for Public Sector, Local Government, Education, Finance, Legal, Schools, Start Ups, Software Houses, Haulage, Consultancies, Shared Offices, Shared Buildings, IT Support companies and much more.

What are the advantages of leased lines?

There are many advantages of business leased line connections. These include:

  • Symmetrical ultrafast download and upload speeds
  • Upgrade your speeds to match your business’s ongoing needs
  • Leased lines are more secure and private than a standard broadband line
  • Guaranteed Leased Line speeds through service level agreements (SLA)
  • Priority fault resoultion
  • Static IP addresses as standard
  • Your leased line connection will be monitored 24/7

What are the disadvantages of leased lines?

The price can be seen as a disadvantage of leased lines. Currently, leased lines are more expensive than shared and less powerful connection types, but that doesn’t mean that leased lines are too expensive. When it comes to the most suitable type of connection for your business, a leased line may offer a hefty price tag as opposed to any other business broadband connection.