Best Business Broadband choices in 2024

Reliable High-speed internet is essential for businesses of all sizes. Having the right broadband connection impacts everything from online sales to team collaboration and productivity. If you’re a UK business owner evaluating your internet options this year, here are some of the top broadband providers and plans to consider.

Full Fibre – The Future-Proof Choice

When it comes to speed and reliability, full fibre broadband is the gold standard. With fibre optic cables directly connecting your premises, you get symmetrical gigabit speeds for both download and upload. Major fibre providers for UK businesses include BT, Exascale, Zen Internet, and Vodafone.

Key benefits of upgrading to a full fibre plan:

  • Ultrafast, futureproof speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Symmetrical upload/download for seamless video calls and file transfers
  • Highly reliable connections with very low latency
  • Scalable bandwidth to support business growth

The main downside is that full fibre isn’t available everywhere just yet, especially in rural areas. But infrastructure is rapidly expanding to meet demand.

Standard & Superfast Business Broadband

For businesses not yet able to access full fibre, standard ADSL or superfast broadband over copper phone lines are still viable options from providers like BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk Business, and Exascale.

While maximum speeds top out at around 80 Mbps, these broadband plans offer decent performance at lower costs compared to full fibre, making them suitable for smaller businesses with basic internet needs.

4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access

In areas with poor wired broadband infrastructure, fixed wireless access (FWA) is an increasingly popular alternative. Providers like Three Broadband, EE, and Vodafone offer 4G/5G home broadband services that are quick to install with no cables needed.

Benefits of business FWA broadband include:

  • Fast deployment with no construction work
  • Competitive pricing on unlimited data plans
  • Decent download speeds, with 5G boosting capacity

However, FWA performance can vary based on signal strength and network congestion in your area.

When choosing broadband for your UK business, start by entering your postcode on provider websites to check what services are available at your location. Then carefully review each plan’s advertised speeds, fair usage policies, equipment fees, and customer service reputation.

For many businesses, splurging on full fibre may prove to be a worthy investment thanks to its sheer speed, reliability, and scalability. But more budget-conscious companies can still find great value from traditional and fixed wireless broadband offerings while they remain an option.