Exascale starts to deploy CWDM overlay to support both xPON and Ethernet over the same optical fibre.

At Exascale, we understand one solution or technology isn’t fit for all. That’s why we’ve been testing the use of CWDM alongside xPON (Passive Optical Network).

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What is CWDM?

Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) is a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology that combines multiple optical signals at various wavelengths for simultaneous transmission over fibre cables. This passive technology allows for any protocol to be transported over an optical fibre.

Typically a CWDM allows a network operator to use one duplex or simplex optical fibre to send multiple instances of 1g, 10g or 100g over the same optical cable.


Exascale use CWDM (Coarse wavelength division multiplexing) to deliver multiple services over a single optical fibre from our Fibre Exchange. This technology enables us to deliver dedicated Ethernet or wavelength services over our Passive Optical network infrastructure (PON).

CWDM alongside a PON reduces the amount of optical fibres we need to deploy, while keeping our architecture the same for either PON, Wavelengths or Ethernet.

Exascale believe’s this enables them to respond to customer requirements in a rapid fashion. Delivering bandwidths from 1G through to 10G over PON and up to 100G over dedicated Ethernet or Wavelengths over a single fibre.

Thomas Bibb, CEO said “Despite being a small but growing operator, we’re always looking at ways of maximising our investment. Using CWDM alongside xPON over the same fibres will increase our agility to offer unrivalled product offerings, leaving fibres on metro routes available for wholesale and extending our network to more areas”

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