Why Scalable Solutions Are Vital For Startups and SMEs

Start Up Business

All businesses have to start somewhere and for most that’s as a small startup or an SME. Then, over time, the hope is that the business will continue to grow into a much larger, successful company. Though this is the plan for most startups and SMEs, many fail to realise that as a business grows the solutions it uses will also need to grow; this is the case for internet connections, cloud services, IT setups and almost all other computer or technology based systems. Luckily, it this doesn’t always require a switch to entirely new solutions every time the business develops a little more.

What Are Scalable Solutions?

Scalable solutions are those that have the ability to change in size or volume to meet the needs of a business, without losing out on function. For example, if a business was to double in size then the scalable solution would also be to increase in line with this growth. This is often seen with internet connections, broadband reach and computer storage.

However, for a scalable solution to work well it needs to do much more than just increase in line with a growing business’ needs, it needs to also take advantage of this growth. Rather than simply meeting the needs of a larger business, the solution must also work harder to provide an even better service. As a startup or SME evolves there are more users, staff, customers and clients to think of and all scalable solutions should allow for this.

Why Are Scalable Solutions Important for Startups and SMEs?

All small businesses need to be able to adapt their services to reflect their growth and this requires a change in solutions. Scalable solutions allow for startups and SMEs to change and increase their solutions, whatever they may be, without needing to seek out new providers and new services. Instead, each solutions can easily be adapted to meet the growing demand. As a startup or SME increases, a scalable solution increases at the same rate.

One problem that some startups and SMEs face is that the solution they choose is limited in its ability to scale up as required. Not all internet providers understand that solutions need to reflect growth and instead offer a few set options; rather than bespoke solutions that increase as and when the business needs them to, some providers can only offer limited growth.

At Exascale, our internet options can be used as scalable solutions. This means that as your startup or SME achieves success and develops into a much larger business, our services and solutions can be increased to accommodate this. Find out more about Exascale and the work we do by getting in touch.