The Top Leased Line Providers Compared

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With more businesses and organisations making the transition to leased lines and opting for the dedicated professional service that comes with it, there are now more leased line providers than ever looking to fill the gap by providing leased lines. Just like with any other service or product, it can be difficult deciding on the best provider when there are so many options available on the market.

When it comes to internal infrastructure and networking it’s important that you look for a service which will give you all of the essential features your business needs to operate smoothly and efficiently. It’s equally important to find the right balance between cost and service in order to get the most out of your budget and keep overheads to a minimum. Exascale compares and orders leased lines from the below providers to ensure it’s customers get the very best value for money.

Virgin Media

The Virgin brand has spread its influence over the last few decades and has most recently found success in the internet industry. As one of the fastest growing providers in the UK, Virgin is in the process of creating one of the biggest data networks in the country. The company was formed after the merging of multiple smaller cable companies in the UK. The newly integrated network of fibre cables by Virgins means you have access to very high bandwidth speeds.


As one of the oldest and biggest names in the information game, BT has been providing leased line services to UK companies for a long time. As the biggest proprietor of cables in the UK, BT can offer one of the widest reaching services at some of the most competitive prices. However, they do not always do so and you can often find cheaper prices with smaller providers.


Usually associated with mobile phones, Vodafone acquired Cable and Wireless which was the first main competitor of BT when it came to leased lines. In order to provide bandwidth to its mobile phone masts, Vodafone purchased thousands of leased lines which means they can provide a high level of coverage to consumers.

SSE Telecoms

The unique approach undertaken by this reputable telecommunications company involved using its own electricity pylons to string fibre from city to city. This was a cheaper alternative to cabling methods used by other providers. It meant that SSE was able to undercut competitors and provide some of the cheapest leased line prices on the market.


The recent new commer to the market is Sky, using their large BT Openreach exchange presence to provide up to 1GB leased lines nationally.

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