Why Exascale is the Brilliant Choice for Ultrafast Fibre Broadband in Telford

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When it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider for your home or business, going local with Exascale in Telford or across the UK is a shrewd decision. While the big national telecoms giants make lofty claims, Exascale truly walks it like we talk it by prioritising the local community.

Local Expertise

The Exascale team aren’t just loosely acquainted with Telford – we were born and bred here. We know the villages, high streets, internet needs, and infrastructure considerations like the backs of our hands. This homegrown local expertise allows us to plan, operate, and troubleshoot our fibre network with unrivalled effectiveness.

First-Class Customer Service

At Exascale, we ditch the big company rigmarole of call centres and phone mazes. Got an issue? You’ll speak directly with our local customer support team who can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it. With no labyrinthine call centre bureaucracies to navigate, we get you sorted promptly and properly.

Our Network, Our Responsibility

We own and operate our own carrier-grade fibre optic network from street to street. This allows us to ensure reliable, robust connectivity and swiftly provision new services or upgrades.

Community Champions

Exascale is far more than just an internet provider – we’re deeply involved in strengthening the fabric of our local community. We proudly sponsor local, sports clubs, charities, and community groups year after year. Our success is intertwined with this community’s success.

Fair Pricing Philosophy

We believe in simple, sustainable pricing – not a confusing merry-go-round of teaser rates. At Exascale, you’ll always get a permanent fair price with no shocking future price hikes or promo discounts that run out. Just blazing fast broadband at a great everyday rate.

From top-notch full fibre internet connectivity to next-level local service and community backing, Exascale delivers an unbeatable combination. Experience the difference of a true local provider in Shropshire and the West Midlands by making the switch today.

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