Investing In Infrastructure Is Imperative For SMEs


Small and medium sized businesses thinking about giving investment in infrastructure a miss this year are being urged to reconsider by web hosting leaders, Exascale. In a technology driven age, having fast, reliable infrastructure is more important than ever before. The initial cost of investment is far outweighed by the benefits that dependable servers, super-fast leased lines, and hosting service can bring, say the business connectivity experts.

At a time when many SMEs are reviewing their budgets for the new financial year, it’s vital that they don’t underestimate the importance of assessing current infrastructure. Dedicated secure servers not only ensure that businesses can operate with confidence and compliance but also contribute to enhancing the customer experience. With improved infrastructure in place, SMEs can focus on advancing the areas that matter.

Thomas Bibb, Managing Director of Exascale, said “It’s easy for SMEs to underestimate the importance of infrastructure and neglect to update it. But doing so can have serious and potentially very expensive repercussions. Implementing modern and highly personalised solutions improves connectivity and can set SMEs up for success. Whether an SME is looking to reach new international customers or build better relationships with their local base, infrastructure plays an essential role in achieving these targets.”

SMEs make up 99% of businesses in the UK and contribute around half of private sector turnover. Through developing SME infrastructure, Exascale supports that growth and safeguards its continuing contribution to the wider economy. The UK-based hosting services provider aims to bring the customer closer to the host with a focus on delivering exceptional service. With a range of enterprise levels solutions and a vast array of well positioned connectivity, cloud and UK hosted services, all backed by years of knowledge and experience, Exascale is leading the way when it comes to supporting SME infrastructure investment.

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