The Importance of Choosing the Right Leased Line Provider for Your Business

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A reliable internet connection is absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes. From handling mission-critical applications and transferring large files to enabling cloud computing and supporting remote workers, a robust internet pipeline is the lifeblood that allows modern companies to operate efficiently and stay competitive.

For businesses with demanding bandwidth requirements, a standard broadband connection often doesn’t cut it. That’s where dedicated leased lines come in. By providing an uncontended, symmetric data circuit between a company’s premises and the provider’s network, a leased line delivers guaranteed speeds and uptimes that traditional broadband simply can’t match.

While leased lines come at a higher price point than mass-market broadband services, the benefits of a dedicated, ultra-fast connection can easily justify the investment for any business that relies heavily on internet connectivity. With a leased line, you get an SLA (service level agreement) stipulating minimum uptime guarantees, expedited repair response times, and service credits if the provider fails to meet their obligations.

So if you’re ready to ditch broadband in favor of a dedicated leased line solution, which provider should you choose? In the UK market, there are certainly plenty of options vying for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the major players:

BT: As the UK’s incumbent telecoms operator, BT offers nationwide leased line coverage with a portfolio ranging from basic 10Mbps circuits all the way up to blistering 10Gbps dedicated bandwidth for the most demanding applications.

Virgin Media: Leveraging their widespread cable network, Virgin provides leased lines with speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps across their coverage areas, backed by aggressive pricing and service level agreements.

TalkTalk Business: This subsidiary of the major ISP offers leased line packages from 100Mbps to 10Gbps speeds, promising 99.95% uptime backed by service credits if they miss the mark.

Vodafone: In addition to their ubiquitous mobile services, Vodafone provides leased line connectivity from 10Mbps to 10Gbps across the UK over their fibre network infrastructure.

Exascale: While they may not be a household name like some of their larger competitors, Exascale has rapidly emerged as one of the UK’s premier independent leased line providers, offering cost-effective solutions ranging from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps speeds nationwide.

With all of these capable providers vying for your business, how do you determine which one is the best fit? The right choice will depend on factors like your required bandwidth, budget, geographical location, and priorities around price, performance and customer support.

However, if you’re looking for an outstanding combination of reliable, enterprise-grade connectivity, competitive pricing, and a laser focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, Exascale stands out as an incredibly compelling option worthy of your serious consideration.

Why Exascale Should Be at the Top of Your List

While Exascale may not have the brand recognition of telecommunications behemoths like BT or Vodafone, this independent provider has rapidly built a sterling reputation in the UK leased line market through a relentless commitment to superior performance, unbeatable pricing, and world-class service and support.

At the core of Exascale’s offering is their fast, resilient nationwide network, built from the ground up to deliver dedicated internet access (DIA) with an absolute emphasis on reliability, security and low latencies. Whether you need a 10Mbps connection for your small office or a high-capacity 10Gbps circuit to support a data centre or corporate HQ, Exascale has the robust infrastructure to handle all of your connectivity needs.

Unlike many providers who rely on aging, overcrowded legacy networks, Exascale has made massive investments into cutting-edge fibre optic infrastructure designed specifically for the demanding requirements of modern leased line services. This allows them to consistently deliver the upper-percentile speeds and low-latency performance that their customers pay for, without being constrained by network bottlenecks.

In addition to their exceptional network capabilities, Exascale offers a number of unique features that truly set them apart from the competition:

True End-to-End Accountability

While many providers simply lease infrastructure from third-party network operators, passing blame when issues arise, Exascale owns and controls their entire core and access network end-to-end. This allows them to take full accountability for your leased line’s performance, without any finger-pointing or buck-passing.

Best-in-Class SLAs

Exascale’s industry-leading SLAs ensure you get the uptime, consistent speeds, responsiveness and support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

One of the most common frustrations businesses face when dealing with major telecoms providers is opaque, convoluted pricing with hidden fees. Exascale takes a radically different approach, with pricing that is refreshingly straightforward and affordable, especially compared to equivalent offerings from larger players in the market.

Agile, Customer-Focused Service

Finally, Exascale prides itself on delivering an agile, customer-focused service experience that puts your needs first. From initial consultations, to rapid quoting and provisioning, to proactive monitoring and support, the lean Exascale team provides a level of personal attention and responsiveness that often gets lost at larger companies.

In a nutshell, Exascale delivers all the speed, reliability and security you need from an enterprise-grade leased line, but with exceptional value, accountability and customer service that more than holds its own against the biggest names in the industry.

Whether you’re an established corporation, nimble startup, public sector organisation, or anything in between, switching your dedicated internet connectivity to Exascale allows you to enjoy the benefits of world-class networking performance without the bloated costs and red tape often associated with the major telecoms players.

So when you’re ready to make the move to a leased line solution for your mission-critical applications and hunger for bandwidth, be sure to give Exascale a hard look. You might just be surprised at how effortless – and affordable – obtaining a fast, dependable, fully-supported dedicated internet circuit can be.