Choosing business or home broadband for your Business

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Choosing business or home broadband

If you are expanding a business which you’ve run from home to date, the difference between business and home broadband may not be immediately obvious and you may wonder if you should pay more to have business broadband or a leased line.

So just what is the difference between regular home broadband and business broadband and what exactly are the benefits for your business?

The difference between business and home broadband

Home broadband is typically cheaper than business broadband for several reasons. Home broadband provides a dynamic IP address which changes everytime you login. This means that there may be some lag in connection and intermittent downtime with your service. However, with business broadband you are provided with a static IP address which never changes.

High Speed Leased Business Line

FTTC or Fibre To The Cabinet guarantees superfast speeds of up to 80MB/s moreover, providers of business broadband prioritise business clients above domestic users. If you want an even better service, you can opt for a internet leased line. This will ensure a high-quality uninterrupted connection with no lag time. If you use VOIP services like Skype and WhatsApp to enhance your business communications, you’ll notice greatly improved speeds and quality especially for video conferences. It will also mean that upload and download speeds will be dramatically faster enabling lag time to be reduced to the point where you have a seamless connection. Moreover, your connection is uncontended which means that you will be the sole user of that line. You will also have access to multi-site connectivity across a wide area network whether nationally or globally.

Technical support

As a business broadband user, we understand how important your internet connection is to your business. So, we make sure that we provide top level technical support which ensures that your connection is seamless. All our technical support are UK based in Wolverhampton so we are easily contactable and accessible and understand your needs.


With GDPR Regulations which came into effect in May 2018, security is of paramount importance for your employees, clients and your business data. Ransomware and cyber threats are all too pervasive and even the most high profile businesses cannot afford to be complacent.

Access To Files Remotely

If you or your team are scattered across many different locations you’ll know the importance of using cloud services and being able to remotely access your files and data. Remote access to data is a big advantage of business broadband and can make your business much more efficient and seamless. With business broadband you never have worry about limits on uploads or downloads. Your broadband connection is totally unlimited with no fair usage or traffic management restrictions.

SLA and service credits

Exascale know your business is always on, so our systems ensure our services are guaranteed to be 100% always on. Our Service Level Agreement is unequivocally guaranteed ensuring super high quality end to end lased line service 24/7. We’re so confident of our promise that we offer compensation and SLA credits should your service ever be unavailable so you can have complete peace of mind. So If you want all the benefits of business broadband for a great value monthly fee Exascale have the perfect package to suit all your needs. Talk to our expert advisers today and see how we can help to take your business to the next level with a Leased Line.